Our big annual Rummage Sale is this week! We’re getting ready now, and we will open the doors on Saturday morning April 29 at 8:00 AM sharp. We have some interesting items in excellent condition–and lots of bargains. This year the sale ends at 2:00 PM. Be sure to come early for the best selection. But if you’re late, maybe you’ll be in time for our 1:30 PM $5 grab bag–everything you can put into one grocery bag for 5 bucks!

St. Placid Priory is pleased to announce it’s first annual Art show and sale: Images of Peace in Our World. Twenty area artists will exhibit works that speak to the places, people and situations where peace can be found, revealing beauty, hope and inspiration. Artwork from professional artists and local students will be on display as well as artwork from some of the Sisters of St. Placid. Student Lobby Art Show is free.

The show and sale will be held May 19th, 2017 from 7:00pm to 9:30pm at St. Placid Priory in Lacey, WA. Light refreshments and music will be provided. Tickets are $15.00 for one or 2 for $25.00. A portion of the sales will go to Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center in Seattle, WA.

Tickets are available at Brown Paper Tickets or you can get physical tickets with cash or check at The Priory Spirituality Center. Pay at the door with cash, check, or credit card.

By Byron Brunell

St. Placid Priory is located at 500 College St. NE, Lacey, WA. For more information contact Sister Monika Ellis at the Priory, 360-438-1771.

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Sunday March 26, 2017
1:30-3:00 PM
St. Placid Priory Multi-Purpose Room

Christian and Muslim spiritual practices share the primary intention of growing closer to God. We will explore Muslim and Benedictine Christian teachings regarding prayer and spirituality, and how followers of both traditions strive to remember God and live in the presence of God. Understanding each other on this level enables us to deeply appreciate and pray with the “religious other.” We will conclude with a prayer experience using passages from the Qur’an and the Bible with a very similar message.

Abbot Timothy Wright, who wrote No Peace without Prayer, is unable to present the workshop due to a recent surgery. Sanaa Joy Carey, a Muslim, and Sister Lucy Wynkoop, a Benedictine, will facilitate the session. Dr. Joy Carey has been a Muslim for 27 years, and has studied Islam and the Qur’an on a bi-weekly basis with a Qur’anic scholar since 1997. She is a former president of the Muslim Association of Puget Sound Interfaith and Outreach Committee, and remains active in many kinds of interfaith efforts. Sister Lucy Wynkoop has been a Benedictine Sister for 56 years. She has two Masters degrees in Theology, with concentrations in Scripture and Monastic Studies, and has co-authored Lectio Divina: Contemplative Awakening and Awareness. She is the program director of The Priory Spirituality Center which fosters prayer and retreat experiences for all denominations.

No charge, but a donation basket will be available for Sanaa Joy Carey.

Take a look at the new newsletter that was just published in February!  Learn about our upcoming art show with peace as its theme on May 19th, the fun evening shared with the Priory’s daily mass attendees, and find out about this year’s program offerings at The Spirituality Center.  Read about it here.

Listening with the Spirit 2017-2019 is a two-year formation/discernment process to become a spiritual director. A detailed, four-page Overview of Call with information about the two years is available, as is the Listening with the Spirit Brochure and an Application Form including the process to prepare for an interview beginning in March, 2017. Interview questions are also included in this PDF file.

We have a large number of people who have expressed interest in LWS.  It would help us to know if you are still considering participation in LWS 2017-2019.  Please email Sister Lucy Wynkoop at to let her know you are discerning a call to be a spiritual director and that you may wish to take part in LWS 2017-2019, a formation program for spiritual directors.

We plan to complete our interviews by August 1, 2017 and then we will send out acceptance confirmation on or before August 15, 2017.

If you have any further questions, please call Sister Lucy Wynkoop at 360-438-2595 or email her at

“Listening with Spirit  was an experience in deepening my capacity to listen and be present with another in their desire to encounter the holy.  Many people are longing to make the inward journey and to have that journey witnessed by another. The support and validation a spiritual companion provides can enliven and quicken the blossoming of the spirit in another. Jesus said it best, “When two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them.” What’s unique about Listening with Spirit is that the Benedictine tradition of hospitality provides the ground for holding the spiritual encounter. We learned to welcome, listen, discern and give voice to the still small voice within that longs to be heard both in ourselves and in the other. The program provided two years to become steeped in this holy receptivity and commissioned us to go forth and be that listening presence for those who are still seeking.” –Debra Janison, Spiritual Director