For This We Give Thanks…

WE GIVE THANKS that Jesus leads us from death to resurrection. Blessed are we who mourn for our friends and family (Mt 5:4)–

+Martha Renggli    
+Sue Petty
+Austin Kelley        
+Beth Santa Cruz
+Julie Larsen         
+Pat Zander
+Bob Hauth          
+Lillian Kautzman
+Bob Easton         
+Joe Doll


WE GIVE THANKS for being able as a community to explore the opportunities and challenges that are part of diversity in community and in our culture. In this way we are deepening our understanding and our recruiting  for future membership. Sister Lucy and Sister Julian are leading us in this “Vocation Culture; Reflection to Action” National Religious Vocation Conference study.

WE GIVE THANKS for those who have served us so generously:
* Dana Hein who has given her gracious and upbeat administrative skills and experience to us as Assistant to the Prioress!
* John Ketola who is helping the Monastery here to catch up on painting anew the nicks and chips on our walls, door frames, corners, and hand rails!
* Four Saint Martin University students—Nicholas, Gabriel, Kris and Allen—who each gave 8 hours of Service raking leaves outside and moving heavy furniture inside.
* Travis Jacobsen, a frequent St. Placid volunteer, joined us for dinner and then helped us set up for a pro-gram. Travis’s mother, Patty Jacobsen, is also a regular volunteer at the Priory reception desk.

WE ARE GRATEFUL for our Global Connection to Sister Mariangela, OSB. Some years ago she stayed with us for her sabbatical time. Today she is Abbess of San Guiseppe in Assisi, Italy. It was Sister Mariangela who reported to the Communio Internationalis Benedictinarum (international organi-zation for Benedictine women) about the extensive damage to both women’s and men’s monasteries in Italy during August and September earthquakes. To learn more go to:
and click on News. To help preserve the original Benedictine sites there (especially in Norcia), make checks out to Communio Internationalis Benedictinarum, and send to:

Sister Linda Romey, OSB,
Mount St. Benedict Monastery
6101 E. Lake Road
Erie, Pennsylvania 16511-1599

WE ARE GRATEFUL for the spirit of Resilience we see in our Sister Communities in Italy as well as our own ability to continue making friends with change. Truly, “Wisdom displays her strength from one end of the earth to the other ordering all things for good” (Wisdom 8:1).