Appreciative Living

Saturday,  October 27   9:15AM-3:00PM

 How can we live with a mindset that looks at “What is going well?” How do we nourish and appreciate life in a positive way? How do we construct questions from a positive perspective? How do we live out of hope, inspiration, and joy with one another? How do we become the change we want to see? If you find these questions to be your questions, join us for an interactive workshop using the Appreciative Inquiry model which emphasizes gratefulness to God.

Register by prior Friday  $50   Bring a sack lunch (Minimum 5)

Sue Schneider has worked in the corporate world for over 30 years.  For the past nine years, Sue has been an independent consultant focusing on high performance teams, strategic planning, and organization design/development working with a diverse client base.  She has been working with the Benedictine Community at Mt. Angel for over nine years and most recently with the Benedictine Sisters at St. Placid Priory. Introduced to the Appreciative Inquiry process 5 years ago, Sue learned the concepts from David Cooperrider and has been using the Appreciative Living process in her consulting practice.  Sue was trained in the Insights Discovery program in 2002 and has been using the Insights Discovery tool.

Lucy Wynkoop OSB teams up with Sue, having worked with Appreciative Living for several years both with the St. Placid Priory community and elsewhere.

Call Carolyn at 360-438-2595 or email Carolyn by clicking here to register.  Mail one half of the registration ($25) as a deposit or mail the full amount to The Priory Spirituality Center, noting on your check that the payment is for Appreciative Living