Wounded Souls – A Look at the Legacy of Childhood Abuse/Trauma

February 1, 2013   Friday    9:00AM-Noon The spiritual wounds left behind from childhood abuse are frequently overlooked in the journey to wholeness. This 3 hour presentation will introduce those spiritual wounds, their impact on faith development and the spiritual… Read More

In Conversation with Our Deepest Selves

February 2, 2013   Saturday    9:15AM-3:00PM Our truest voices often are lost in the steady din of everyday demands, but we catch glimpses of our soul’s longing and intuitive wisdom in our persistent dreams, and during moments of… Read More

Journeying Together: The Gift of Spiritual Friendship

February 9, 2013   Saturday   9:15AM-3:00PM The gift of deep, Spirit-led friendship can seem remote when we are caught up in the speed and stress of our secular culture. This retreat will explore the art and practice of spiritual… Read More

The 1,000th Sheep

We marked the creation of our 1,000th Sheep at the Epiphany Party, January 8, 2012.  Jim Christianson told the story, awards were given and songs sung in joyful celebration of this milestone.

New Vestments; New Missal

We were blessed to receive two beautiful vestments made by Karl Bigler, who donated his time and talent to create monastic style garments for our celebrant.  We blessed them on November 27, 2011, the day we also blessed… Read More