Become an Oblate

What is an Oblate of St. Benedict at St. Placid Priory?

Oblate Marilyn Freeman signs her oblation document on June 28, 2016
Oblate Marilyn Freeman signs her oblation document on June 28, 2016

At St. Placid Priory Oblates are active baptized Christians who make a lifelong commitment to our Benedictine Community.  We welcome women and men to be Oblates.  Through relating with the life and members of St. Placid Priory and the Oblate community, Oblates deepen their commitment to seek God and to live out Benedictine spirituality in whatever way they are able.  Monthly meetings and retreats with the Oblate community provide on-going formation for the Oblate.  This lifelong commitment to St. Placid Priory is the primary difference between our Oblates and Associates.  Oblates are invited to join the St. Placid community for Liturgy of the Hours, for community events, and to help in our ministries.  Along with living out the Rule of Benedict, we invite Oblates to share our mission statement and directions statements.  We ask them to be a Benedictine presence in their families, church communities and work places.

2016 new Oblates Marilyn Freeman, Ann Cacciari, Barbara Williams and Jolene Russell, with new Oblate Candidate Kathy Androes-Downes

As Oblates we have made a commmitment to St. Placid Priory and the Oblate Community to participate in community and to live the Rule of Benedict as far as possible in daily life.  The oblation we make is a solemn promise “to live the Benedictine way of life.”  Conversatio morem is the continuous turning and re-turning of one’s life towards God.  As Benedictine men and women we live our promise day by day, refocusing and renewing in our daily life:  always beginners, always we begin again, to become who God intended us to be.

Do you desire to be an Oblate Candidate?

An Oblate Candidate attends Oblate sessions and retreats with the Oblates.  Oblate Candidates meet with a Sister and Oblate Mentor to grow in understanding Benedictine values and to mutually discern their call to be a Benedictine Oblate.  The length of discerning may take a year or longer.

Kathy Androes-Downes is received on June 28, 2016 as an Oblate Candidate
Kathy Androes-Downes is received on June 28, 2016 as an Oblate Candidate

Guests of the Oblates

After a person has answered the questions below with the Oblate Director or Assistant, the person is given an orientation to the Oblates’ Manual.  The person is welcomed as a guest of the Oblates for Oblate sessions and retreats.  Further discernment to become an Oblate Candidate continues between the guest and the Oblate Director or Assistant.

Oblate Guest attends June 28 Evening Praise
Oblate Guest attends June 28 Evening Praise

In considering whether you would like to be an Oblate, St.

Placid Priory asks you to mutually discern the following questions with our Oblate Director:

  •     What attracts you to Benedictine spirituality?
  •     Why do you desire to relate with St. Placid Priory?
  •     Are you free and available to integrate Benedictine values into your daily life?
  •     Are you willing to attend monthly Oblate meetings, an Advent Retreat and a weekend retreat once a year?
  •     How are you able to be a Benedictine presence wherever you are?
  •     How are you currently involved in your faith community?
  •     How would being a Benedictine Oblate enrich your faith commitment?
  •     In discerning these questions describe your readiness to become an Oblate at St. Placid Priory.

Oblate Formation Program

Meets from 12:30 to 3:00 PM on most Second Sundays of the month, September through June (no meeting in May).

Optional Rule of Benedict study from 10:15 – 10:45 am on the Sundays of meetings.


Reception of Oblate Candidate
Rite of Oblation
Renewal of Oblation

How Can One Become an Oblate?

A person wishing to become an Oblate should contact Lucy Wynkoop, OSB:

Email Sister Lucy at

Call her at 360.438.1771

Or write to her at:

St. Placid Priory
500 College St NE
Lacey, WA 98516

Or you may open and read or print our Oblate brochure.