Introduction to the Enneagram

Saturday,  October 6   9:15AM-4:00PM

The Enneagram is an important tool for understanding ourselves and others. This class introduces the Enneagram of Personality Types as a tool for recognizing how habits of thinking, feeling, and acting cause us to live under the illusion of separateness from God and each other. Participants will learn the nine distinct worldviews that make up the Enneagram and begin to discover their own type. Class fee includes a copy of “The Essential Enneagram” by Dr. David Daniels and Virginia Price, PhD. (revised 2009).

Register by prior Friday   $60   Bring a sack lunch (Minimum 6, Maximum 20)

Debra Janison is a trained spiritual director and has studied the Enneagram for over 20 years. She is the founder and lead teacher for Enneagram Olympia. She is certified to teach by Helen Palmer and David Daniels.  She is a professional member of the Enneagram Association in the Narrative Tradition. Her understanding of the dynamics of type has also been strongly influenced by the Diamond Approach work of A.H. Almaas.  (For more information

Call Carolyn at 360-438-2595 or email Carolyn by clicking here to register.  Mail one half of the registration ($30) as a deposit or mail the full amount to The Priory Spirituality Center, noting on your check that the payment is for Introduction to the Enneagram.