When we pause to listen to the questions we ask of ourselves and others, we come to the place of our deepest longings. It’s the place where we discover that there is more to life than acquiring more knowledge or material goods. It’s a deeper place where we can experience freedom and love through the ongoing exploration of God’s presence in our everyday world.

Join us as we ask the questions, gently and transparently, in our search for meaning to the longings for our lives and the world.

Meeting monthly for eight months on the first Wednesday from 1:30 – 4:30 pm, we’ll be reading and reflecting on The Spiritual Life, by Evelyn Underhill and The Human Poetry of Faith, A Spiritual Guide to Life by Michael Paul Gallagher. The objective is not an academic one, but rather a reflective awareness that awakens the true self in relationship to God.

Mary.PandianiMary Pandiani, D.Min.C, MA, C.S.D., is a spiritual director, personal/professional development coach, and an instructor for adult basic education.

Brochure and Application for Longings of the Heart.