Mary’s Magnificat

Saturday, December 8   9:15 – 3:00

Mary’s Prayer, Magnificat, has its origins in Hannah’s lament (I Samuel 1:9-20).  It engages human struggle in faith with courage and strength.  We will use this time to explore how honest encounters with and expressions of lowliness, fear, insecurity, and hunger may lead to a life marked by confidence and audacious prayer.

Register by prior Friday   $50   Bring a sack lunch, bible and journal.

Kathryn Rickert, (M. Div., Ph.D.), has explored various biblical, spiritual and liturgical dimensions of lament — crying out to God in distress — through teaching, church music and worship that keeps in mind a constructive role for lament in processes of reconciliation of both penitents and the broken hearted.

Call Carolyn at 360-438-2595 or email Carolyn by clicking here to register.  Mail one half of the registration ($25) as a deposit or mail the full amount to The Priory Spirituality Center, noting on your check that the payment is for Mary’s Magnificat.