For This We Give Thanks…

Fall – Winter, 2019

Beatrice Bruteau in her book The Holy Thursday Revolution, tells us that God’s way is the way of COMMUNION, not the inequality of domination. The events of Holy Thursday invite us to expand our hearts in mutual affirmation of each other as children of God.

Global. Sister Deotila, FSC and Sister Redemista, OSB from Tanzania, Africa have come to
spend time with us. Sister Deotila, a medical doctor in Tanzania, is here immersing herself in the English language in order to pursue further studies in Atlanta, Georgia next year. Sister Redemista is with us for a visit renewing friendships, Chipole Connections and other works of communion-building. She is a Canonist in Tanzania and teacher at Saint Augustine University of Tanzania.

Revelation. Immigration attorney Margaret O’Donnell wrote the script of “The Detention Lottery” to promote greater understanding of our immigration enforcement system, and empower participants to learn about and then stand up for immigrant protections and rights. What a revelation!

Representation. Sister Julian Cleary represented another individual and his family seeking asylum in this country and possibly facing deportation. Like most, this individual lost his case, but he will appeal. The fervent prayers of St. Placid Priory and extended community gave a great deal of support to Sister Julian and this family.

Greening. Postulant Mary Franklin has provided us with information about laundry detergents and their deleterious effects. Community members are considering a change to
products that will not pour toxins into the environment.

Creation. Squirrel defends local birds–Candidate Alicia witnessed a squirrel go chasing up a tree to a limb where a hawk perched, squawking all the way there. Once the annoyed hawk flew away, many little birds could be seen again at the Priory bird feeders.

In Union. Sister Angela Hoffman spent part of her summer again on an archaeological dig in Spain. She worked with students and scientists from several countries around the world. Uniting the Old with the New.

In Eternal Life. “May Christ bring us all together to everlasting life,” RB 72:12.
+Ann Kopp                           +Ada Ehli
+Roy Renggli                        +L’Vai Kildow
+Michael Lynch                   +Judy Smith Hedstrom
+Tim Burgman                     +Bob Bender
+Betty Tips                            +Oblate Roberta Westerberg
+Dave Tips                            +Grace Davis

For all this evidence of Communion we give thanks!