For This We Give Thanks…

The Psalmist prays: “You have put gladness in my heart.” –Psalm 4:7  We want to share the following glimpses of well-being, knowing they will bless you, too.

Wonder. Candidate Alicia Boulet was outside on one of her many wonder walks. As she approached the gate on the north side of our property, she was amazed to see two ravens sitting on the branch of a Douglas fir. They were sitting with an eagle perched on the same branch!

Jubilee. Postulant Mary Franklin attended the 25th Profession Jubilee of Sister Donatha Gunda, OSB in Ndanda, Tanzania on December 8, 2018. She was “inspired by the extensive circle of participants that included all ages of Religious, family, friends, villagers, tribal members and parishioners. The great value they placed on this event was evident from the many sacrifices they made to be able to participate. After the formal event in the chapel, festivities continued non-stop into the evening. I experienced a collective wellspring of Joy leaping from within the 200-plus individual attendees.

Eternal Life. With sadness and joy we remember our friends and family who have recently died:

+Monica Roller    +Dianna Burford    +Mary Vanek    +Betty Chips    +Jim Werle    

+Benedict Thiessen    +Julia Walker    +Richard Wurz    +John Wojtanowicz

+Fr. James Cleary, OFM Capuchin

Precious. Two-year-old Spanish-speaking Christian visited the Sisters on his birthday. He was given a laminated holy card of Our Lady of Guadalupe. He took it and kissed the image of Mary twice and then held it near his heart.

Connections. Members of North Star Church in Tumwater spent all day working outside, trimming over-grown greens, taking away fallen leaves and sprucing up everything around the monastery building. No little task. A big-hearted gift to us from Pastor Luke and his crew!

Awe. This year an irrigation pipe was cracked by the root of a 100-foot tall Douglas fir. A portion of this lateral root was cut away so the pipe could be fixed. The width of the root was 14.5 x 17.5 inches!

Gladness. Sister Monika Ellis did the “Sister Damaris Christmas Table” this year. We are so grateful to those who brought Christmas gift items for us to sell. This event in loving memory of Sister Damaris Zander was a great success and we have begun to collect gift items for next year. You can bring donations anytime! Thank you.

For all these epiphanies of God’s Presence among us, we give thanks!