For This We Give Thanks…

WE GIVE THANKS “…the Holy One ‘…has called us to the eternal presence.’” –Rule of Benedict, Prologue (1 Thess. 2:12)

We give thanks for the lives of those whom God has recently called home:

+David Young
+Mary “Jan” McKenzie
+Tim Milnes
+Carol and Art Getchman
+Mary Norris
+Barbara Gibson
+Steve Russell
+Ruth Langen

We give thanks…

–For our Inner Artist, who often encounters wonder in what we see around us. We have many trees around our grounds, and one large, tall fir tree has a lovely embellish- ment of wisteria blossoms up to about 2/3 of its height. Wisteria is a vigorous grower which can damage smaller trees, but this large fir wears it like a necklace.

Sister Donatha takes photos at the beach

–For the art of Cinema Divina and especially for the work of local writer/media artist Marilyn Freeman in this area. Her images of peace capture “Hope” when she compares the “bent over woman” in Luke 13:10-13 to our bent over world. In “The Mystic” she invites us to another way of seeing. Each of her films invites us to an interior peace. See some of these at

–For connecting globally…Novice Molly‘s story: “One day I took Tanzanian Sister Donatha to the Ocean Shores jetty, well known for the rocks including agates and garnets that wash up on the beach. I started to take pictures of the rocks in the sand. Sister Donatha gave me a funny look, and I explained that I used to stuff my pockets full of rocks when I came to the beach, taken by their intricacy and colors. But finally I had no place to put them—I had baskets overflowing with rocks. Now, like me, Sr. Donatha can take pictures of them and take home as many as she wants. And their colors never fade when they dry out.”

–For creative writing which can express values we hold dear, our love of God, and be a blessing for the future. Oblate Camille Wooden wrote the Benedictus below—a creative rewriting of the scripture we chant every morning at the end of Morning Praise.

Benedictus for the Earth

Blessed are you
O God of all creation,
For you sustain and
provide for your people.
You made for us a world
created through your word
and upheld in your spirit,
For the nourishment, renewal
and delight of every living thing.
Your love for all that lives
attends the falling of a sparrow
and the singing of a whale.
We are the work of your hands,
fashioned in your image
Made to join our voice with
all else that lives
In one joyful hymn of praise.
In this new day’s rising,
let the Light that blessed creation’s dawn
Guide us to love and cherish this earth,
to care for all life,
to return to you with grateful love
the song of creation that you began.