From the Archives: Keeping Our History Alive

by Camille Wooden, Obl. OSB

August, 2019

An archive is a treasure trove of pictures— prints and slides in scrapbooks and diaries. It is easy for an archivist to spend an entire day looking at and creating files for even a few pictures. Here is one of the treasures from St. Placid’s Archive files. It’s from 1952—at the first Priory on Delphi Road at Mud Bay. One of our founding members, Sister Milburgis, is shown with the Priory’s first dog, Tippy, and the community’s first car, a black Chevy. The building in the background was the converted chicken coop that became the novitiate.

February, 2019

The St. Placid archives are really a combination archive (papers and pictures), library (lots of old prayer books and missals) and museum (objects large and small). Here is a shelf with some items from the past two Priory buildings, waiting to be catalogued.