Lucy Wynkoop, OSB

Sister Lucy Wynkoop is the program coordinator for The Priory Spirituality Center and has a Masters in Theology with a concentration in Scripture.

Events with Lucy Wynkoop, OSB

Zoom-Oblate Retreat: Bernard of Clairvaux's Contemplative Approach to the "Song of Songs"
June 6, 2020

For St. Placid Priory Oblates  Only   The “Song of Songs” read literally is an account of human love. Bernard of Clairvaux reflects on the book with devotional eyes as a spiritual marriage between God and the individual soul. He does this by using the spiritual, moral, and contemplative senses. As Oblates we will explore the senses with emphasis on contemplative call of the soul’s desire for union with God and what word or phrase offers me a teaching in each of the 4 books of “The Song of Songs.”