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Date & Time Details: September 12, 2020 Saturday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm PST

Zoom-In the Wilderness of Scripture

With Evan Clendenin

September 12, 2020

Scripture tells a recurrent theme of people finding themselves with God ‘in the wilderness.’In scripture, wilderness is a place, time and spiritual passageway that figures significantly. In this program, we will read several well and less-well-known scriptures involving ‘wilderness.’ We will have the chance to renew our friendship with the scriptures, and broaden and deepen our awareness of the ways wilderness figures there. This reading will dialogue with contemporary wilderness understandings and spiritualities including our own. Ample opportunity for reflection, including group conversation, writing or drawing, contemplative walking or dwelling and nature observation exercises will accompany our communal reading of scripture. It is valuable to simply see better how God operates ‘in the wilderness.’


Evan Clendenin
Evan Clendenin is a priest in the Episcopal church, currently offering ministry on supply and interim bases, and through teaching, land-stewardship and craft work. He has served in urban, small town and rural settings. Prayer and scripture study are among his favorite things to teach.
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