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Date & Time Details: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm PST, August 22, 2020 Saturday

Zoom-The Hero’s Journey

With Gloria Kempton

August 22, 2020

The hero archetype is present in each one of us, but we have to wake up to it, a process that takes a lifetime. To fully engage with
our hero archetype is to be willing to sacrifice our own needs on behalf of others. The hero is on a quest in pursuit of the internal
grail which is one’s self, essence, true nature. One catch: every hero possesses a psychic wound, and as we begin to wake up,
we must agree to own and then heal our wound in order to come into our full hero self.

The mythologist Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey is about waking up to our Hero’s voice in the stories that are our lives and
giving expression to that voice. We confront our internal dragons and transform our fears into places of empowerment, of magical
and miraculous potential. This course is for those who have the courage to say yes to the Call to Adventure and move into the
Special World of The Hero’s Journey. To own your inner Hero archetype is to come into your inheritance as God’s precious child
and finally be at home in your own life.


Gloria Kempton
Gloria Kempton is an online and Seattle writing coach, the author of eleven books and hundreds of stories and essays, and a former book and magazine editor. She’s currently the Catholic Chaplain at the Monroe Correctional Complex in Monroe, WA and a writing instructor teaching The Hero’s Journey to incarcerated veterans at the Regional Justice Center in Kent, WA.
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