• $2,000.00 – LWS Year 2 Tuition; includes $100 interview fee and $100 deposit

Date & Time Details: Class meets Wednesday mornings from 9:00 AM - noon from October through April with an exit interview in May.

Location: The Priory Spirituality Center

Address: 500 College Street NE, Lacey, WA 98516

Lucy Wynkoop, OSB

Please contact Sister Lucy for an application. Interviews will begin in February and continue to the end of August, 2019.

Zoom-Listening with the Spirit 2019-2021

With Sister Lucy Wynkoop and Mary Pandiani

October 1, 2019 - May 31, 2021

Please contact Sister Lucy for an application. Interviews will begin in February and continue to the end of August, 2019.

The Priory Spirituality Center is opening registrations for Listening with the Spirit 2019-2021, a spiritual direction formation program.
Kindly review the materials in the “Overview of Listening with the Spirit and call Prerequisites for LWS” pdf file below. Dr. Mary Pandiani and Sister Lucy Wynkoop will facilitate the spiritual direction formation program. If you have further questions, kindly contact Sister Lucy Wynkoop at 360-438-2595 or If you would like an interview, kindly let Sister Lucy Wynkoop know and she will send you the materials and interview process. Interviews will take place between February and May, 2019.

Overview of Listening with the Spirit and call prerequisites LWS.

Application Interview LWS 2019-2021

“The final day of the 2017-2019 Listening with the Spirit program rang with laughter and tears as each participant presented a symbolic picture to mark our time in the program and received not only a Certificate in Spiritual Direction, but also words of encouragement and ongoing prayers to send us on our way. The twelve of us in the program, along with our guides Sister Lucy Wynkoop and Dr. Mary Pandiani, have journeyed together over the past two years, diving deep into ourselves, our faith, and our understanding of how to listen with the Spirit. During the first year of the program, we explored the many aspects of becoming a Spiritual Director through extensive reading and interactive classes where we were challenged to not only expand our knowledge, but to also integrate it into our lives. We then took that knowledge in the second year of the program and applied it, as we interned as Spiritual Directors, learning through experience and processing our experience in both individual and group supervision. The journey to become Spiritual Directors has connected us to each other, to ourselves, and to God in ways that we could have never imagined. Our class collected our symbolic pictures together in a framed photo collage that we have gifted to the Priory with the hope that it will encourage others on their journey as well. Although our time in the program is done, we plan to return to the Priory as often as possible to continue to listen to the Spirit.” — Rebecca Holland

“This 2 year program is quite intensive. In some ways too much is covered, but that is because there is an assumption that people who want to work as Spiritual Directors have already studied or lived and experienced the rigorous paths of their own spiritual lives and are now being refined in how to Listen to the Spirit with others. A level of spiritual maturity is required before entering into the program. And then, the program is a kind of Refiner’s Fire that burns away the dross. In Listening with Spirit those who would stand in as instruments of Spirit (as directors) are acquainted with the challenges of different aspects of spiritual life as it is lived in ordinary life as well as during periods of crisis, in order to hold people in love, warmth of spirit and holiness. What a gift!” –Patricia Kay

“The Spiritual Direction formation program, Listening with the Spirit, at Saint Placid Priory is a wonderful training for pastors; we really are doing spiritual direction in all kinds of ways in every pastoral encounter! We get through seminary and CPE and jump right in, and we still, always, will have more to learn about helping people recognize the Spirit at work in their lives (and in our own). The expert leaders and supportive cohort bring out so much in us, give us so many tools for listening and guiding, and the supervision aspect takes us deeper and answers so many questions. I am a better priest for the gifts of the Listening with the Spirit program at the Priory.” –The Rev. Canon Nancy Ross


Sister Lucy Wynkoop and Mary Pandiani
Sister Lucy Wynkoop, OSB, prepared for being a spiritual director and supervisor at Mercy Center. Previously, she received two MAs with concentrations in Scripture and Monastic Studies. As a Benedictine she has been shaped and formed in prayer and community. She strives to help others become a community of listening, loving, receptive, contemplative participants as they do their inner formation to become spiritual directors. Since 1992 she has provided spirituality formation programs and has invited others to do so at The Priory Spirituality Center. Mary Pandiani, D.Min., MA, C.S.D. is a spiritual director, personal/professional development coach, and an instructor for…
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