Sister Laura’s Scriptorium – August 2015


People of God is a new series of inspiring biographies from Liturgical Press that allow us to see our own struggles and gifts through the lives of (near) contemporaries that show us how we too can make a positive impact on the world despite all our warts and weaknesses. Thus far, the series includes author Flannery O’Connor, monk Thomas Merton, martyred Archbishop Oscar Romero, Pope Francis, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Pope John XXIII and actor Martin Sheen. I just finished reading Martin Sheen: Pilgrim on the Way by Sister Rose Pacatte. Her portrayal is honest and paints a very human gentleman who has managed to touch the lives of so many in the normal course of his day.Pilgrim
Pope Francis: Morning Homilies in the Chapel of St. Martha’s Guest House, Orbis Books, 2015. Pope Francis has captured the imagination of Catholics and non-Catholics alike. He has sparked new hope among the spiritually hungry. This is a nice introduction to the heart and spirituality of Pope Francis through the lens of four months of daily homilies in the earliest days of his pontificate.Homilies
40 Days with the Holy Spirit, by Jack Levison, Paraclete Press, 2015. A Biography of the Spirit: There Lies the Dearest Freshness Deep Down Things, by John Haughey, SJ, Orbis Books, 2015. These two excellent resources invite us into a deeper understanding of and relationship with the Holy Spirit. Levison has crafted 40 short “visits” with the Holy Spirit: a scripture passage is accompanied by insightful and delightful reflections upon meanings to be gained from that passage, space for the reader to reflect, and concluded with original prayers. Haughey explores facets of the Holy Spirit through the lens of the explosion of scientific discoveries. I enjoyed both of these.Bio-Spirit
Lectio Divina: From God’s Word to Our Lives, by Enzo Bianchi, Paraclete Press, 2015. Bianchi is a gifted scholar known as the founder of a dynamic monastic community and for his ecumenical work. This is not so much a “how-to” manual, rather a “lectio on lectio” kind of book. Bianchi engages both mind and heart, offering a gentle challenge to readers in our contemporary need for transformation.Lectio-lives