Books That Merit Attention: Feb. 2017

Prayer in the Catholic Tradition. A Handbook of Practical Approaches , edited by Robert Wicks, Franciscan Media, 2016. This is a wonderful resource for spiritual directors, pastoral ministers, and those who desire a deeper and more diverse prayer life. Topics are quite broad, beginning with “Prayerfulness” and concluding 45 chapters later with “Prayer in Chaos, Commotion, and Clutter.” Beware: I contributed the chapter on Prayer in the Benedictine Tradition.


Christ the Merciful: Enriching Your Faith and Prayer Life Through the Many Names of Jesus , by Brother Victor-Antoine d’Avila-Latourrette, Paraclete Press, 2016. This is a nice source for pondering and meditation as Brother Victor-Antoine gleans from scripture and early Church sources to break open meanings of the many possible titles for Jesus. He remains a popular author.




All God’s Angels. Loving & Learning from Angelic Messengers , Paraclete Press, 2016. This is a beautiful reflection on angelic encounters recorded in scripture accompanied by selections of sacred art work. Keep this near your prayer space.




Light When It Comes. Trusting Joy, Facing Darkness & Seeing God in Everything ,by Chris Anderson, Eerdmans, 2016. This is a lovely invitation to ponder significant “God-moments” in our life, those experiences, however brief, that we might dismiss or overlook. A great source for lectio divina.




October 31, 1517. Martin Luther and the Day that Changed the World , by Martin Marty, Paraclete Press, 2016. 500 years ago the monk, Martin Luther, pinned his 95 theses on the cathedral door –an act of love for a church that was in deep distress. This is a short but important meditation on its impact for all contemporary seekers as we approach this anniversary.