The Holy Spirit You Never Knew

Saturday, January 26, 2013    9:15AM-3:00PM

The Holy Spirit is not just about speaking in tongues, spiritual gifts or fruits—the Holy Spirit is also about our deepest breath and our highest aspirations.  In this workshop, we will discover the Holy Spirit where we may least expect it—in every breath we take, in social transformation, in community, in hostile situations, and in serious learning.

Register by prior Friday   $50   Bring a sack lunch   Minimum 5

Jack Levison, called a “Brilliant and spirited theologian” by Phyllis Tickle, is a passionate and experienced teacher at Seattle Pacific University.  Jack has written Filled with the Spirit and Fresh Air: The Holy Spirit for an Inspired Life.

Call Carolyn at 360-438-2595 or email Carolyn by clicking here to register.  Mail one half of the registration ($25) as a deposit or mail the full amount to The Priory Spirituality Center, noting on your check that the payment is for The Holy Spirit You Never Knew.