Women in Transition: Seasons of Change

This three “Season” women’s series is designed to be a prayerful and encouraging spiritual forum that facilitates personal change and transformation…Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit and Soul. Although presented in three parts (Season 1, 2 and 3), each 6 week season can stand alone; you may register for one, two or all three 6 week seasons.  Spiritual Director Linda Chandler Smith will help you explore the life challenges unique to women.

Linda Chandler Smith
Linda Chandler Smith

Season 1 is now completed. Cost for Season 2 or 3 is $300 each. Make check payable to The Priory Spirituality Center or see application for credit card payment option. For more information, please see flyers at links below. To apply for a season (series), print and complete the appropriate registration form below and send with your deposit of $100.00 to: The Priory Spirituality Center, 500 College St NE, Lacey, WA 98516-5339.

Season 2 Wintering Our Soul Flyer

SEASON 2 Registration form: Wintering Our Soul (1/7/15-3/18/15)

Season 3 Springing Forward Flyer

SEASON 3 Registration form: Springing Forward (4/1/15-5/13/15)


One person’s experience of this program:

“On September 24, 2014 six women from very different walks of life and generations began a pilgrimage together with Linda Chandler Smith, MS Spiritual Director, as our gentle and nurturing guide. We stood nervously at the threshold of our journey not quite sure what to expect. As we have traveled through our first three meetings we have grown together as spiritual sisters ministering to each other with embracing acceptance of our individual paths, in the lives we live out in the world. We are learning that transition is a normal albeit challenging part of everyday life. There are life changing transitions and small routine daily ones. The bigger transitions are easier when shared in a supportive group. Knowing that we are not alone with our challenges, fears, confusion and worries is a great comfort. Linda is helping us to discern our paths through our life changes with a variety of exercises. These exercises combine prayer, music, silence, voluntary personal sharing, and creative modalities. We use them together in our meetings but they are also touchstones that we can take home and use in our private discernment periods.” –Michele Toulouse, Parishioner of Our Lady of the Lake Parish in Seattle.